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Many companies offer MBA internships. Depending on the MBA program and location of the business school an Internship may be paid or unpaid. If an Internship is not part of the MBA program, there may be a legal requirement that a salary is offered to MBA interns. MBA Internships are usually offered during the summer months and can last between one and three months, sometimes even longer. Paid MBA internships are in high demand and very competitive. Requirements also have changed over the last years, where some employers may value MBA students less than they may have done 15 or more years ago. Additional skills, in particular in the areas of computer science and technology have become key selection criteria to employers. Some of the key skills that are often required by MBA Intern recruiters include. Background in finance Understanding of analytics Programming skills a plus Commercial awareness Technical Awareness Excellent communication and analytical skills Demonstrated record of entrepreneurial achievement and/or leadership Exceptional academic record and prior employment experience Being a Self starter Language Skills MBA Internships are advertised at companies websites and major job websites and MBA portal, as well as at university and business school websites.
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