MBA & Master Courses

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Some business schools in the UK offer an MBA Apprenticeship.


Popular countries to study an MBA or business master include the USA, France, Switzerland, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. More business schools in Asia also offer MBA programs with some of the Business Schools in China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan joining top ranked business schools around the world.

MBA specialisations are changing in todays digital world. Many business schools also offer a startup accelerator and or incubator to help their students and graduates setting up their own business.

Funding an MBA

There are a range of MBA scholarships available to students from Africa who want to study in the US, the UK or Europe. MBA scholarships are extremely competitive.

Most universities offer MBA or postgraduate scholarships which cover either part or all the tuition fee. Governments also offer a variety of grants to study locally or abroad at top universities that are accredited by reputable accreditation bodies. Several interest groups, charities and trusts also offer a range of scholarships, that cover tuition fees and sometimes living expenses.