Top Business Schools and MBA Programs for an International Career

What do MBA recruiters look for in an MBA job applicant?
Most MBA recruiters are familiar with the local MBA programs and the Master of Business Administration degrees from well known universities abroad.
For MBA graduates looking to start an international career and applying to jobs in different countries it may be well worthwhile to focus on applying to MBA programs from business schools with a name that employers worldwide recognize.
Top business schools sometimes offer also courses from different faculties, in particular tech related subjects into their MBA elective courses.
international mba careerThere is no shortage of MBA programs.
MBA degrees are offered as full-time, part-time, distance learning, online, modular or executive programs. Full-time MBA programs are usually run as one year or two year programs. Part-time MBA program are mainly offered over 2 or 3 years. Distance learning, modular and online programs are also offered over a 2 or 3 year period.
MBA programs are expensive. However an MBA from a very expensive well known business school may be a much better investment than an MBA from a new unknown program.
There are a range of opportunities to fund an MBA degree.
MBA students can apply for a range of MBA scholarships, fellowships grants, bursaries from business schools, universities, trusts, private companies and in particular multinational corporations and from governments. Financial aid is often only available to students studying at a particular graduate school or from a particular country. There are also selected scholarships for women, as well for engineers. The MBA bursary amounts vary and can range from covering part or the whole of the tuition fees to part or the whole of living costs, as well as travel costs for international students.

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