What is an MSc in Business Studies?

Most MSc in business are aimed at students that have just finished their bachelor in business.

An MSc usually enables students to develop knowledge in a specific area of business. Popular Master of Science programs include MSc in international banking and finance, accounting, marketing, information technology, human resource management, international business, European business, energy management, shipping, logistics or consulting. The syllabus for a Master of Science will usually focus on developing academic, analytical and technical skills. MBA programs by contrary are more focused on leadership, managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

MSc students are normally not expected or required to have any former work experience.

Many MSc are taught over one or two years for full-time study. Part-time, distance learning or online MSc can be done over a several year period.

Tuition fees of MSc in business are usually much lower than for an MBA. In some countries the tuition fee for an MSc in Business is almost negligible.

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