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MBA Brazil and Europe Business Relations

Alma Graduate School

Università di Bologna

The MBA Brazil-Europe Business Relations is a challenging, intensive 12-month full-time international program taught entirely in English.

The aim of this initiative is to create a group of young managers, able to lead business relations and projects between Brazil and Europe. In a few years, this group of people will rapidly create a new business community where individuals can find support and opportunity for themselves and their companies.

The curriculum of the MBA Brazil-Europe Business Relations is divided into two main parts: General Management (MBA core courses), which is designed to provide students with the necessary management and business skills; and a Brazil-Europe Business Relations concentration, designed to provide an opportunity for specialization and in-depth focus on this broad topic.

This full-time, post-experience MBA also includes: managerial training, team-based project works, workshops with managers and entrepreneurs, in-company visits, access to the Alma Alumni Network (approximately 5,000 managers and professionals in Italy and abroad), and more.

Program Highlights

Course Format  
Course levelpostgraduate
Course modusfull time
Course typetaught
Course languageEnglish
Course Major  
SpecialisationBusiness Administration
Awards and Credits  
Degree awardedyes
Award typeMaster's degree
Degree MBA

Alma Graduate School
Università di Bologna
Villa Guastavillani
Via degli Scalini, 18
Tel. +39-51-209 0166 / 0122
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